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The Kraken - CLEAR Octopus Vinyl Decal


The Kraken dates back to the 12th Century, with the first documented account written by King Sverre of Norway. While this probably did begin with sighting a real animal such as the giant squid...apparently fishermen have been exaggerating what they saw on their boats since the 12th century as well.

Sailors' tales of this creature have slowly gained epic proportion, and The Kraken lives on.

This is an original wood burning converted into a unique and dishwasher safe decal for all your sticking needs. The sticker is CLEAR, so whatever color you put it on will show through, creating an integrated look that matches your style no matter where you put it!

Buy any 2 decals to get $3.00 off!

The original:

Octopus Artwork original wood burned art by mokie burns, kraken art

If you're an octopus fanatic, this artwork is also available as a patch in The Hat Bar!

3.5" x 2.8"

  • Use it as a Yeti Rambler decal, laptop sticker, tackle box decoration, fishing bumper sticker...or anywhere else your heart desires.
  • UV resistant, waterproof, AND dishwasher safe, these decals are built to last

Please allow 2-3 business days to process your order. 

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