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At this time, I am not accepting any new commissions. Please stay tuned through either our newsletter or Mokie Burns' Instagram for announcements of when that may change!

Yes, as long as it's based on artwork that I have already wood burned. The unique look of our leather patches comes from the original artwork, so you can't have one without the other!

To make a patch from existing art, there is a one-time setup fee of $50-$75 (depending on if you'd like to add additional logo/business name etc.) as well as a minimum order of 24 hats, available at wholesale pricing.

If you're interested, please use the contact page

Each hat style page has a very detailed description, as well as measurements (when available) under the "details" tab.

Go to the hat bar

No, the patch will not come off during wash - it’s a wicked strong 3M industrial adhesive designed just for fabric 👍.

As for washing, these patches are natural leather - and should be treated as you would your other leather items, like a jacket, purse or shoes.

I’ve had many people tell me they wash theirs, and it’s perfectly fine…they actually loved the way it aged it to look even more authentic.

If you would like to wash your hat - I recommend using the top rack in your dishwasher.