Fishy Retro Floral - Large Beach & Boat Tote Bag


Her: "Stop buying so many things that have to do with fishing!"

Him: "But this has flowers on it, too!"

Her: "BUY IT"

You see? EVERYONE wins with this accessory! Hit the beaches with this Mokie Burns-tastic "boat tote", featuring a variety of fish swimming in a retro floral print. It's a great bag to get all kinds of things from point A to point B.

Not close to the beach? No worries...it's also great for hitting the markets, school and grocery shopping. Seriously, I'll say I'm legitimately surprised at how much I use my prototype, it's so handy!

  • 16" x 20"
  • 100% polyester
  • Large printed inside pocket to hold electronics and small accessories
  • Comfortable cotton webbing handles
  • UV-resistant ink creates vibrant colors that won't fade
  • Can carry up to 44 lbs
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