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Select your favorite fit to start customizing! 

  • No frills, no pushing the brand - just the classic Florida Flag, as originally wood burned by the artist.
  • Available in both classic and NEW gold leather
  • Once you select your fit, hat and patch color, be sure to look at the product image for a preview of your custom build!

The original artwork

Florida Flag original artwork by Mokie Burns - wood burned art

Please allow approximately 5 business days to process your order

  • Patches are genuine leather appliquéd onto your hat color of choice, using an industrial strength, water proof adhesive
  • Leather is finished with a water-proofing spray, for extra durability

    Please keep in mind these patches, while water-proofed, are still genuine leather - long exposure to heavy rain can result in some light crocking...but hey, a lot of people love the authentic look it gives 'em!

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