Everyone has been through a lot in Southwest Florida, and I want to make sure the kids still have a wonderful Christmas this year...regardless of the circumstances!


All proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the Toys for Tots - Fort Myers branch.

(You will also receive a little surprise with your hat, to sweeten the deal!)


I've added "It's Worth It" up the side of our classic Florida Flag patch - because in the end, hopefully many of us feel this way. I know I do!

This phrase was inspired by an ABC News interview my friend and District Representative Adam Botana recently had (click here to watch). Terry Moran asks Adam:

"I'm just gonna ask a question - I'm a Mid-Westerner, OK - is it worth it??"

The answer is, of course, it definitely is. It's worth it.

As for us, our home flooded 4 feet. We consider ourselves very fortunate, all things considered.

local fort myers artist Mokie Burn's home after it flooded 4 feet during Hurricane Ian

This photo was taken over halfway through the MASSIVE cleanup process

It has been an absolute whirlwind of hard work and emotions, to say the least.

A lot of Mokie Burns product was in that 4 feet of "Ian's Blood" as we now call it, including the original art of the Florida flag used for this patch. I am ELATED to report that it survived!

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