Florida Stone Crab Serving Tray

Florida Stone Crab...they're just...so...tasty...AND expensive! I can understand why though, after 3 seasons of harvesting our own stone crab claws with our 10 residential traps. It is definitely a smelly, naaasty job to get these guys! Not to mention they will mess you UP if you're not quick with your hands and paying full attention to those massive, nothin' but muscle claws.

florida stone crab traps, residential trap pulling. original art commission of stone crab serving tray

"Yeahhhh that's it...just come a little closer."

Having our own traps was perfect for this commission, since I could really observe them & take plenty of reference photos for the final piece! And boy did I really need some detailed reference photos - I've never done a crustacean before, and these beauties were pretty confusing to figure out how they're put together! It took some time to experiment with different and new wood burning techniques to get their shell patterns looking good, and it was another layer of difficulty trying to show the "wet sheen" on their shells!

florida stone crab serving tray - original wood burning art commission on birds eye maple live edge lumber

This custom serving tray was made with live edge birds eye maple - which is one of my absolute favorite species for wood burning!

If you like this art, I've created a few products from it as well, check it out!