Hogfish Charcuterie Board

Is that a hogfish blowing up on a...pineapple?

Why yes, yes it is. My question is...WHY NOT? 🤣

This was a commissioned piece, and he wanted me to combine his wife's two favorite things - hogfish and pineapple. At first I was a bit intimidated by his request, I mean how the HECK am I supposed to make those things fit together onto one piece?!?

I decided to do that "artist thing" and sleep on it for a bit...and it actually worked! I randomly had one of those ah-ha moments (which was kind of also a "no duh" moment) and realized the pineapple should be the BAIT! Then my friends, the rest is history!

This hogfish (but not the pineapple...sorry) is available in a few products - click the images below to shop!

As a hat patch (choose your favorite fit to start customizing!)

mokie burns wood art print - florida fishing art

hogfish fish art mokie burns yeti vinyl sticker

hogfish holographic decal


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