One of my very first pieces...

This was one of those pieces that came from a "strike" of inspiration...literally!

During my first ever experience on a fishing charter, my boyfriend joined the 40" snook club with a big ol' girl...literally on his last cast at the very first spot of the day.

I knew it was a big deal, because the guide was clearly nervous that he might lose the fish! I loved watching the battle go down, and all I could think about was ALL of the snook that are just chillin' in those mangroves, lazily waiting for the next meal to waltz on by. I took tons of photos because I knew I wanted to depict that scene flashing through my mind that day. You've gotta get that perfect cast wayyy in there to find some good ones - give them a "Prime Delivery" if you will...get it 😜.

This original piece was burned on spalted maple - I chose it because I liked how the spalting pattern sort of flowed with the mangrove scene.

In these "early days", for some reason I struggled with the thought of framing originals, so I opted for a metal stand instead to put the piece front and center!

Prints & other fun things using this artwork are available - click the image to go check it out!