The Big Sky Guitar

Well this one was definitely out of my wheelhouse, but I loved the challenge!

A long-time customer of mine wanted to commission a piece for his best friend that lives in Montana, commemorating both the beauty of the landscape as well as a guitar that's been passed down for generations.

original guild guitar

Because I can never make it easy for myself, I decided I would re-create a mini version of the guitar as my canvas...inlays and all. Had I ever worked with inlays before? NOPE.

Luckily with modern technology, I could lean on the precision of a CNC router to cut everything out for me.

Next step was the inspiration...luckily the client was awesome, and sent along tons of scenic photos his buddy had taken. These were the perfect reference for the idea that sprung to mind! This was my mock-up I sent along.

Big Sky Montana

Before long, I was burning away!