Twinning Wahoo for the Gale Force Twins

An email comes in, that starts a little something like this...

Hi, I'd love to commission something from you for my daughters - they're the Gale Force Twins, and they've mentioned your art to me a few times...

OK so #1 - YES I've heard of them!

#2 - They mentioned ME? That's crazy!

(If you don't know the Gale Force Twins, you should definitely go check out their YouTube channel - they make some incredibly informative videos about fishing and all kinds of other outdoors-y fun stuff)

Not gonna lie I fan-girled out for a minute there, but was also super-stoked to get started on the concept...their mother wanted me to create a piece as a gift with their logo, and 2 of the same pelagic fish. Twinning gone offshore. I love it.

I chose wahoo, since I thought their shape and overall appearance would go nicely with the logo design.

So...I began:

Here's a closer look at the final piece:
Wahoo offshore fishing art - original wood burned piece by Mokie Burns for the Gale Force Twins

Since this piece has been finished and sent out, I've had the pleasure of meeting them at The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Best of luck to them and all of their future endeavors! Some of the hardest working women in the industry right here:
Mokie Burns and The Gale Force Twins at the fort lauderdale international boat show