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Looking to make some shade? Check out our new dark olive Lifeguard Straw Hat, made of 100% Lindu Straw with a camo-lined brim. Durable and reliable, this hat won't disappoint like those cheap ones - it's from trusted brand Richardson, known for their top-notch material and products (...and they may cost a bit more, but it's worth it).

One size fits most, with an interior elastic band for comfort and fit.

Please allow approximately 5 business days to process your order

  • 100% Natural Lindu Straw
  • One size fits most - comfort stretch elastic on the inside can stretch all the way to the full opening of the hat, which is about 24 1/2" in diameter
  • Patches are genuine leather, appliquéd onto your hat using an industrial strength, water proof adhesive
  • Leather is finished with a water-proofing spray, for extra durability

  •  Please keep in mind these patches, while water-proofed, are still genuine leather - long exposure to heavy rain can result in some light crocking...but hey, a lot of people love the authentic look it gives 'em!

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