Tropical Inshore Grand Slam - Florida Fishing Art with a Unique Twist


*plants have entered the chat*

After transforming her artistic passion into a career, the artist Samantha "Mokie Burns" found herself needing another outlet for her creativity 😝. Thus, she began cultivating a bustling jungle of tropical plants (prayer plants, bromeliads, monstera, dieffenbachia...the list goes on). With both of these passions occupying her mind, it was only a matter of time before she merged them together in a unique and quirky way through this art print!

  • Unframed Print is 13" x 19" Archival Print on 100% Cotton Rag Paper
  • Framed Print is 18" x 24" with a double mat and made of wood
  • Individually Signed by the Artist
  • Printed on 260 gsm 100% Cotton Rag Paper - this archival quality print will last for years to come!


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